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These versatile deep diving suits are an advanced design, one man atmospheric ADS. The suits are lightweight, and can be rapidly mobilised to any offshore dive site, to complete a wide range of underwater observation and manipulative tasks.

               Operating Depth: 2000ft (610m).
               Crew: one.
               Weight: 1 ton.
                Large domed viewport, two articulating arms, external lights.

                 Continuous video and  communications with the surface.


These versatile deep diving suits are an advanced design, one man atmospheric ADS, with an operating depth of 2000 feet (610m). The suits are light weight (1100kg), and can be rapidly mobilised to an offshore dive site, to complete a wide range of underwater observation and manipulative tasks. The ADS operator is at one atmosphere pressure at all times, thus dispensing with costly breathing gases, decompression chambers, and large surface support crews. The ADS operator can vary depth at will, and has the ability to hover midwater, or deploy horizontally, in order to accomplish the subsea task.

Powerful lights, continuous video, and excellent communications allow the ADS operator to provide the surface with comprehensive verbal and visual reports. Two articulating arms with powered claws, enable a wide range of underwater tasks to be completed.    

The SPIDER ADS is a self propelled, advanced design, one-man atmospheric diving system manufactured by ­Slingsby Engineering Limited. World leaders in the application of composite materials for underwater engineering and deep diving submersibles.

 SPIDER has a maximum operating depth of 2000 feet (610m), and the ADS Operator uses hydrauli­cally powered claws on fully articulated arms to complete the usual diver's tasks. Within the pressure resistant hull the ADS Operator is protected from external hydrostatic pressure, and breathes air from the normal atmosphere environment maintained inside the vehicle. Thus eliminating the hazardous and costly decompression procedures associated with deep diving.

SPIDER is fully controlled by the ADS Operator inside the vehicle, by the use of six hydraulic thrusters. Power is supplied from the surface, by means of a small diameter combined lifting and electrical umbilical cable. The vehicle is fitted with powerful lights, two-way communications, and a high definition camera video system, giving continuous live trans­mission back to the surface.

 With its relatively small size, and excellent maneuvering ability, provided by the six independent (infinitely variable) thrusters, augmented by operator controlled ballast and trim systems, SPIDER can gain access to confined work areas, hover mid-water, or anchor by means of extendable suction pads, to carry out a wide range of subsea tasks. Life support endurance is 72 hours. Routine 'between-dive' servicing is minimal, which gives good vehicle utilization when using a team of operators. SPIDER has been designed for independent operation, and has many safety features, which will enable the vehicle to surface in all envisaged emergencies.  

SPIDER and all ancillary equipment are fully approved and certified by Lloyds Register of Shipping. SPIDER has a compact handling system, which is easily mounted on a small vessel, drill-rig, or fixed platform. There being no large gas-racks or decompression chambers, the complete system can be sited in a very small area.

The SPIDER Operator can perform the normal diver's tasks at depths to 2000ft (610m). The Glass Reinforced Plastic hull maintains a comfortable temperature for the ADS Operator, who is also electrically insulated. Thus allowing safe working conditions when cutting, burning, or carrying out inspection tests. Engineers, scientists, and other specialists, can (after suitable training) operate SPIDER. Thus allowing specialists to inspect underwater sites of interest.



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