Silvercrest Submarines are the UK's premier submarine, submersibles and ROV sales and charter company with contracts performed worldwide..

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Thank you for contacting Silvercrest, concerning your submersible requirement. We will be pleased to offer every assistance that you may require, in order to help with your planned underwater project. We can offer for sale a wide range of Rovs, manned submarines, and submersibles. Used submarines, Used T-Subs, Used Submersibles, and New Submarines.

If you wish to charter a submarine, manned submersible, ROV, for your project, please contact us for a discussion.

Should the selection shown below, not match your exact requirement, please contact us to discuss other submarines, submersibles and Rovs that are presently available but not listed. 



MANNED SUBMERSIBLES. T-Subs (Tourist Submarines).



ROVs (for SALE and CHARTER).





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New  26-man T-SUB immediately available for sale.





Twenty four passenger, two crew tourist submarine, designed for the underwater leisure market.

Operating Depth: 300ft (100m). Weight: 35 tons. Crew: Two pilots and twenty-four passengers.

Large viewports on all sides.  Air conditioning, external lights, communications, and video.

Available Services :

Site survey of your planned tourist submarine planned location, resort.

Delivery direct to your Tourist Resort.

Training Programme for your crew on site.

Long term maintenance and logistic support.

Experienced pilot/engineers available to start up your new tourist submarine operation.





Recently completely rebuilt Tourist Submarine (T-sub).






a) TRITON Submersibles. We have two Triton 1000/2 submersibles with experienced crews available for charter. These units are based on a super yacht that can mobilise to any worldwide diving location requested. Ideal for scientific research, underwater exploration, wreck hunting, filming, and just for fun.

b) PERRY Submersible.

c) Other submarines subject to availability.




Deep-C submersible for sale and Charter.

A pre-owned two-man submersible (one pilot, one passenger), with an operational depth of 1000ft. The submersible offers an excellent field of vision, and the cabin opens as a clamshell for easy entry and exit.

Length 15ft, width 8.8ft, height 7.6ft. weight 8400lbs. Speed 3knots. Mission time 6 hours. Reserve 96 hours. Battery capacity 28KWH.

The submersible is equipped with a fly-out Seabotix mini |ROV, with a 20m tether management system.








We have a wide range of submarines (big and small) for sale and possible charter. Priced to suit all budgets and tasks. For example, we have for sale in excellent condition, a four-man (1000ft depth rated) submersible with diver lockout facility. We also have available a range of multi passenger tourist submarines (ten to forty passenger). Small two / three man submersibles, and one-man ADS units. Contact us at anytime to discuss the options and to exchange ideas.


Pilot training and maintenance courses can be arranged to support every submarine sale.

We can arrange shipping direct to your hometown on request.


MEDIUM TOURIST SUBMARINE (Immediately available).

a) A medium size multi-passenger tourist submarine, designed for the underwater leisure market. Operating Depth: 300ft (100m). Weight: 35 tons. Crew: Two pilots and twenty-four passengers. Large viewports on all sides.  Air conditioning, external lights, communications, video and sonar.


 Sub- Surface Viewing Craft (Explorer).

b) A revolutionary new self-propelled, sub-surface viewing pod that sits 1.2m underwater, below the ocean surface. No specialist dive training is required to use the Explorer, which offers a clear, unobstructed and comfortable view of the undersea environment. Ideal for hotels and resorts, super-yachts, commercial surveying, marine research, film and broadcast production. Easily controlled by single or dual joystick. It has an all-day operating capacity (7.5 hours operation at full speed) allowing for a full working day underwater, and a truly unique experience for users. Explorers are small electrically powered, dry cockpit, surface water craft, purpose designed to provide time unlimited, unobstructed, sub surface 360 degree passive observation of marine life or shallow reef, during night or day.


T-Sub For Sale.

c) A small tourist submarine, 16-passenger, 100-meter operational depth. Constructed by Sulzer in Switzerland. Large viewports, Luxury leather seating, advanced control and navigation system, air conditioning and life support system. Ideal for subsea tourism (T-sub), or as a personal luxury submarine for private use.



d) A one-atmosphere submersible designed for all commercial activities, scientific research, underwater filming, search and salvage. Crew: three. Operational Depth: 1200ft. Weight: 5 tons. One large front viewport, plus six small conning tower viewports. Fitted with external lighting, manipulator arm, communications and sonar system.


PERRY SUBMARINE-18 (Diver Lock-out).

e) A diver lockout submersible designed for all commercial activities, scientific research, underwater filming, search and salvage. Crew: three. Operational Depth: 1000ft. Weight: 8 tons. One large front viewport, plus six small conning tower viewports. Fitted with external lighting, manipulator arm, communications and sonar system.



f) A large multi-passenger tourist submarine in excellent condition, together with two very good surface vessels, and a full stock of spares and other items. This submarine is the last Mark 3, build 14. Built in 1993, but was stored until 2007.  An excellent opportunity to acquire a purpose built submarine. Operating Depth: 240ft (75m). Weight: 105 tons. Crew: Two pilots and forty-eight passengers. Large viewports. External lights, video, and communications.



g) A large multi-passenger tourist submarine designed for the underwater leisure market. To be delivered newly refitted and dive ready. An excellent opportunity to acquire a purpose built submarine. Operating Depth: 240ft (75m). Weight: 105 tons. Crew: Two pilots and forty-eight passengers. Large viewports. External lights, video, and communications.



h) A Sub-scooter, that is easy to use and operate. Ideal for super-yachts, tourist resorts and underwater leisure activities. No experience required. Comfortable seats. Air is breathed from inside an acrylic dome that offers panoramic viewing. Maximum speed of two knots. Easy launch and recovery. Low operating costs. Length: 1.7m. Width: 650mm. Height: 1400mm. Weight: 80Kg.



i) This is the world's first Compact two-man Semi-submersible, with cutting-edge design and technology. Step down into an underwater observatory and simply drive on the surface. Navigate where you want to go. It's safe, easy and comfortable. Undersea discovery is in your control. It is neither submarine nor glass bottom boat. The innovative design combines these two technologies to give you an experience that surpasses both. Beneath ample deck space is an underwater glass observatory equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Smooth driving performance is coupled with a clear view of undersea life. 100% electric with zero emissions, the semi-sub is equipped with a brushless DC electric motor that is quiet and powerful. Equipped with a high-resolution TFT-LCD monitor. You can view and monitor high quality images at all times. The Digital LED Battery Gauge shows the current remaining amount of battery. Smart Charging System (PLUG-IN AT DOCK). Digital Depth Sounder and VHF communications.



j) The Nérée 201 was the first submersible ever built by Comex. Crew two. Weight - 3 tons. Operational Depth: 200 msw. length 250 cm, width 170 cm, height 160 cm.  The sub is not in working condition, and would make a great project for a private enthusiast.



k) A brand new, small, luxury three man submarine, with a depth rating of 300m (1000ft). Available for sale. Ideal for  Super Yacht owners. Endurance 12 hours. Speed 3 knots. Weight 3,800 kg. Width 244 cm. Length 320 cm. Height 174 cm. Battery capacity 21 kWh, Lithium-ion battery technology. Propulsion 2 x 5.5 kW + 2 x 6.4 kW. Auto-depth . Auto-heading.  



l) A one-atmosphere submersible designed for all commercial activities, scientific research, underwater filming, search and salvage. Crew: two or three. Operational Depth: 85m. Weight: 2.8 tons. Length 4,45 m. Width 1,95 m. Height 2,25 m. Reserve of energy: 5 hours. Life support: 72 hour. Speed: 2,5 knots. Communications: VHF radio and underwater telephone. 2 x compasses, depth sensor, echo-sounder, pinger, flash-strobe. External equipment includes manipulator (6 function), Box hydraulic for samples (specimens), Scissors (hydraulic), and 4 x external lights. Support equipment includes a lifting-frame with beam, and three phase electric winch (5ton SWL), maintenance/storage workshop.120 cans with regeneration plates (one can - 64 human/hour life support), full  technical documentation.


m) The Silvercrest ECO-SUB is a 24-passenger carrying submersible designed to carry occupants to a depth of 100m. Its acrylic viewport configuration offers all passengers a superb panoramic view of the underwater world. While a large access hatch, and the wide internal circulation space, makes this an ideal submersible for disabled passengers. This submersible has been designed to minimise the risks to the environment by the careful choice of its components and configuration, allowing its use in marine park areas where the underwater ecology is sensitive to disturbance. This is a purpose built acrylic tourist submarine, designed for passenger comfort and safety. The submarine provides a panoramic view of the underwater world for all passengers, through large diameter acrylic viewports. The submarine operates to a maximum depth of 300 feet (100m) with twenty-four (24) passengers and two crewmembers. External lighting, VHF surface communications, and through-water communications, are fitted as standard.



n) A state of the art two-man submersible with a very high-tech image and specification. Operational depth: 150ft (50m). Weight: 3.6tons in air. Carbon steel hull, lead acid batteries, computerized touch-screen system activation, and joystick controls. Full range of life support and safety equipment. Domed acrylic viewports for both crewmembers. The ultimate submarine for yacht based recreation, or underwater leisure activities. Immediate delivery.


oat Submarine (Large).


o) A one-man one-atmosphere tethered submersible, built in Canada by ISE. This unit is lightweight and ideal for salvage, scientific research, or general underwater tasks. This unit requires a minor refit prior to commencing dive operations. Operating Depth: 1200ft (400m). Crew: one. Weight: 1500kg. Two large acrylic viewports, manipulator arm, external lights and communications with the surface.



p) A multi purpose submersible, designed for one-atmosphere operations, diver lockout, dry transfer, and submarine rescue (DSRV). This submersible is in excellent condition and dive ready. Suitable for underwater tourism, scientific research, search and salvage, and a range of military tasks. Crew: six (normal), six (diver lockout operations). Operational Depth: 1200ft (400m). Weight: 22 tons. One large front viewport, one large aft viewport, four tower viewports, one lower viewport. Fitted with external lighting, sonar system, acoustic tracking, communications, manipulator arm, and hydraulic cable cutter.


l Size Wooden Submarine Model for Sale.

q) This full size submarine was built by VSEL in Barrow in Furness (England) as a wooden mock-up model for a military exhibition. Weight of Submarine 23 tonnes. Length of Submarine 123ft total length. You can easily walk through it (and would comfortably get ten people walking around inside).  It has seven beds so we are assuming it was a mock-up version of a military seven-man submarine. This model cost VSEL GBP 400, 000 to make.  A museum would now be the perfect place for it to be exhibited. Location England (Shipping by land or sea can easily be arranged). This is a very unique submarine. Offers invited.


All submarines and Rovs are sold " as is where is " unless agreed otherwise.


These submarines and Rovs are secondhand, and generally will be dive ready after a routine maintenance or refit programme.


crest Submarines can arrange Submarine Maintenance, and Pilot Training courses for purchasers. Contact us today, to discuss your submarine and Rov requirements. We are happy to offer a wide range of ideas and suggestions that will assist your underwater project.




Tel: England (+44) 1285.760620.




(Immediately available for your tourist resort or luxury yacht, with your choice of internal and external design and colour schemes).



The Underwater Bar can be shipped to your tourist resort approximately four months from order. A range of interior layouts, colour schemes, and external graphics are available. External branding and logos can be provided to support marketing and sponsor programmes.

The Underwater Bar will allow up to twelve guests and two crew members to view the underwater world in complete comfort and safety. The complex provides a unique setting, and relaxed atmosphere, for guests to relax below the surface of the sea. This complex has a maximum diving depth of 100m (300 feet), and provides a panoramic view of the underwater world through large diameter viewports.


The Underwater Bar / Restaurant can be offered with a wide choice of interior and exterior designs, coporate logos, and colour schemes.







Similar to existing tourist subsea technology, the Underwater Bar has been constructed with a large passenger-viewing gallery, large viewports and luxury seating. A cocktail bar provides food and refreshments to the guests during their dive. Powerful underwater lights outside the complex illuminate the seabed during night operations. While subsea cameras record the activities of the marine life, and screen the pictures onto an internal monitor for everyone to watch. The Underwater Bar is controlled from an operator control station, situated in the forward section of the main viewing gallery. From this position the crew are able to control all the main operations and equipment of the complex, and dive or surface as necessary. The normal crew size onboard the Underwater Bar will be two (one operator and one hostess). 



Deep Sea Guinness Bar dives under the Baltic Sea.

Dublin, Ireland – Once-in-a lifetime trip for Belgian winner in world’s first Guinness Deep Sea Bar. In a global first, a lucky Belgian competition winner has travelled into the depths of the black stuff in the first ever Guinness Deep Sea Bar. Evelyne Gridelet, 30, of Seraing, Belgium, won the incredible trip in the futuristic custom-built Guinness Underwater Bar as part of the Guinness Experiences competition, held during the global Guinness 250 celebrations.


Guinness 360 Logo


Along with her husband, Arnaud Splendore and sister, Virginie Gridelet, Evelyne was flown to Sweden for an unforgettable four-day trip to explore the remote islands of the Stockholm Archipelago. Set against a winter wonderland, the highlight of their adventure, which took place during the last week of January 2010, was travelling to the bottom of the Baltic Sea in the GUINNESS DEEP SEA BAR that was modified exclusively for the trip by Silvercrest Submarines.

Evelyne said, “This has been an unbelievable trip of a lifetime! Winning the Guinness Sea Experience has given me the chance to do something totally unique and unforgettable, and I think I’m the first person ever to enjoy a cold glass of Guinness on the ocean floor!”

To enter the Deep Sea Bar, Evelyne and her guests had to face a snow blizzard and temperatures of minus 15°C, as they walked out across the frozen surface of the Baltic Sea. Earlier in the day an icebreaker cleared a path for the voyage under the sea. Once inside the Deep Sea Bar, the winners dived to the bottom of the sea experiencing spectacular views of the underwater landscape below the ice-cap while enjoying a glass of Guinness in this most unique of locations.

The Guinness Sea Experience was one of three remarkable prizes offered as part of the first global promotion for Guinness. These remarkable experiences were created as part of the worldwide celebrations to mark Arthur’s Day, the anniversary of 250 years since Arthur Guinness signed the 9,000-year lease on the St. James’s Gate Brewery in Dublin.

Guinness is owned by Diageo, the world's leading premium drinks business. With its global vision, and local marketing focus, Diageo brings to consumers an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands across the spirits, wine and beer categories including Smirnoff, Guinness, Red Stripe Beer, Johnnie Walker, Baileys, J&B, Cuervo, Captain Morgan and Tanqueray, and Beaulieu Vineyard and Sterling Vineyards wines. Diageo trades in some 180 countries around the world.




12.0 m


2.4 m

Height to deck

2.65 m

Draft on surface

2.0 m


35 tons

Max. operating depth

100 m

Drop weight

800 kg  

Payload capacity

1750 kg 

Typical Passenger capacity


Typical crew


Guests diving in the Underwater Bar, require no previous experience or training. Everyone can do it, young and old, as the complex is maintained at one atmosphere pressure at all times. Contact us for full technical details and availability.


Exciting Advantages for the Operator:

The Underwater Bar offers excellent marketing opportunities for drinks branding, sponsorship, and promotions. Any drink brand (beer, cola, vodka) can have their product or banner placed on top of the Underwater Bar. Producing high profile marketing.

Fantastic marketing tool, with potential to attract corporate sponsorship from a wide range of drink manufacturers. The top of the underwater Bar can be shaped as a beer mug, bottle of wine or whiskey, martini cocktail glass, or whatever is requested by the operator.

No regular cranage or surface handling equipment is required. The complex is self-contained and can operate independently from shore-based facilities if necessary. Surface control and operational assistance requires only a small support boat. The overall operational costs are low, owing to good design features and quality engineering.

The size and design of the complex allows diving operations to continue safely at most times. This gives high system efficiency.

Easy access for maintenance and servicing. All important equipment is located within the main compartments of the complex, and can be easily maintained while on the surface or submerged. This results in very high system reliability.

Great fun and a unique experience for all the guests.


Underwater Bar Animation. 

Click on the following link to view a generic animation of the underwater bar in operation.




This affordable two-man Underwater Scooter is the latest high tech submersible to join the marine leisure market. Ideal for super-yacht owners, diving enthusiasts, tourist resort operators, and dive operators. This scooter is perfectly suited for couples to explore the underwater world in safety and comfort.



The scooter helmet is nicely integrated into the scooters body. Each rider’s head goes inside an air chamber within the helmet, which is constantly supplied with air from scuba tanks lasting seventy minutes, which are attached to the front body of the scooter. The helmet features a flat fog resistant glass, 99% distortion free giving a clear underwater view.

These scooters are sleek and lightweight (160 lbs.).

Each scooter is powered by two electric motors, one for forward movement and another for vertical movement, providing precise control, manoeuvrability and safety. The controls operate like your typical motorbike.  Just turn the handlebars for direction and push the batons for speed and depth. Pressure and depth gauges are provided on the control bar. 

With a maximum speed of 3 mph and an operating depth of up to 12 meters, riders have access to shallow reefs and caves. The motors run by a rechargeable battery lasting up to 2.5 hours.

Novices can master the controls in the training course that can be completed in just a few minutes. Those who are not strong swimmers or who have minor disabilities can still ride the bike and can wear glasses or contact lenses without difficulty.

No diving certification is needed, no experience is required.

A line attached to a marker buoy keeps the scooter safely tethered to the world above. 







This underwater scooter is a one person, 2 knot, submersible designed to enable certified and non-certified divers to cruse effortlessly underwater. This unique vehicle combines a bubble helmet, seat, tank and thruster inside a rotationally molded, impact resistance, polyethylene body.

The operator sits in a comfortable upright position with their head in a bubble of air. A button on the steering wheel operates the thruster under the seat. Simply pushing the button and steering enables the operator to drive around in comfort and safety underwater.

Cruise effortlessly underwater without the need to wear cumbersome dive equipment. Simple submerge underwater, put your head into the air bubble and swing your leg over the seat. The standard scuba cylinder delivers continuous fresh air into the bubble for over one hour. Depth is controlled by inflating or deflating the internal air bladder (the same as scuba diving). A surface float is used to set the maximum dive depth and protect the reef.

Height: 140 cm
Width: 61 cm
Length: 90 cm
Weight: 60 kg

The 12volt thruster, mounted inside a protective cowling, operates for over one hour per charge. The interchangeable scuba cylinder, and 60ah gel cell battery, enable one-hour dive times, and five-minute change-over rates.

Rental Revenues.

These are exciting, fun machines on which anyone aged 10 and upwards can experience the underwater world. You do not need to be able to swim or dive to operate the underwater scooter.

The first tourist operation was set up with ten units, offering sixty people per day a thirty-minute underwater experience for $99 per person. In St Thomas, Carnival Cruiseline offers over 80 people per day a twenty-minute ride for $99 each. In Nassau rides sell for $110 each.

Most tourist operations start with ten scooters and add additional units as needed. Two rides per hour per unit gives the customer a memorable experience, and enough time for the operator to change over the HP air cylinder and battery. Secondary batteries and air cylinders are charged simultaneously.

Additional revenue can be generated through selling camera pictures, videos, T-shirts and merchandise. A custom built vessel for a scooter operation carrying 10 scooters, 20 passengers and 4 crew, is available.


Training programmes for operators, and assistance to set up your new tourist operation on a boat, pontoon or beach, is available on request.





Small Submarines, Used Submarines, and Manned Submersibles for Sale and Charter.


Sub-surface viewing craft (Explorer).


A simple to operate and maintain, small semi submersible. Ideal for super yachts, tourist resorts, and luxury hotels.

A revolutionary new self-propelled, sub-surface viewing craft that sits 1.2m underwater, below the ocean surface. Explorers are small electrically powered, joy stick controlled, dry cockpit, surface water craft, purpose designed to provide time unlimited, unobstructed, sub surface 360 degree observation of marine life during night or day operations.

No specialist dive training is required to use the Explorer, which offers a clear, unobstructed and comfortable view of the undersea world. Ideal for hotels and resorts, super-yacht charters, commercial surveying, marine research, film and broadcast production.

Electrically propelled to reduce its impact on marine ecosystems, the highly maneuverable Explorer can be easily controlled by single or dual joystick. It has an all-day operating capacity (7.5 hours operation at full speed) allowing for a full working day underwater, and a truly unique experience for users. Explorer represents an innovative new form of water transport enabling the public to enjoy the undersea world without the need for any training or the inconvenience of scuba gear, getting wet or taking risks. Just push the joy-stick and go in any direction, with a 360 degree, turn on its own axis capability.









Perry Submarine for sale.


A one-atmosphere and diver lockout submersible designed for all commercial activities, scientific research, underwater filming, search and salvage.

Crew three/ four. Operational Depth 1000ft. Weight eight tons.

One large front viewport, plus six small conning tower viewports.

Fitted with external lighting, manipulator arm, communications and sonar system.










General Specifications:


Length                            7,7 m


Breadth                          2,4 m


Height                             2,6 m


Weight                            14,9 tons


Max speed                      3 knots


Max diving depth           300 m


Power supply                 2 x battery packs of 20 cells, 120V, 248Ah.


                                       2 x batteries of 4 cells, 24V, 248Ah


                                       1 x emergency battery of 2 cells, 24V, 62Ah


Main propulsion             10kW electric motor (180 degree swivel)


Two Directional thrusters.


Crew depends on the operational mode. 2/3 crew with 2 divers (DLO mode), or multi passenger in dry transfer mode.


The submarine was built by Perry and is classified by ABS.


The pressure hull is constructed by low temperature service steel, with internal ribs and an internal diameter of 1.372 m.


The battery pods are pressure sealed, cylindrical and have a diameter of 50 cm. They are equipped with removable ends, for easy entrance to the batteries.


The submarine has one entrance hatch in the tower, and three entrance hatches for the diver-lockout/ dry transfer compartment.


The front pressure hull has a spherical segment window of 89cm. Eight viewports of 20 cm diameter are equally spaced around the conning tower, with one upward looking port in the top centre of the hatch. All viewports are made of acrylic plastic.


The pressure hull has several blank multi-pen plates for spare services


All external equipment is protected by heavy-duty fender rails.




Four external ballast tanks with a total capacity of 363lts for buoyancy and for the surface stability.



An internal variable ballast tank system is provided. The forward tank has a capacity of 91,5lts, the after tank 228,5lts. The system uses an internal high-pressure ballast pump, with appropriate valving.



A high-pressure air system of 21 m3 @ 200 bar in two externally mounted cylinders, for blowing the Ballast tanks, and BIBS emergency breathing system.



A one-atmospheric environment that constantly monitors CO2 and O2 percentages. Excess C02 is scrubbed with soda sorb or sofnlyme, by use of an electric powered scrubber unit. Oxygen is supplied by 4 x 50lt oxygen cylinders.



An electric powered hydraulic pump supplies the actuation/control of the stern rudder, dive planes, and three legs. The manipulator is controlled by an external power pack.



The pilot station has a portable control box with joystick, for controlling all thrusters. Also controls for power supply and the monitoring, in both normal as emergency situations.



Navigation: compass, sonar, echo sounder, and depth gauges.


Communication: Mesotech underwater telephones (27kz), and VHF radio for surface use and diving.


External lighting; 4 x 100 watt Quartz halogen lamps.


Cameras: The cameras are used for monitoring and observation of the submersible during dry transfer operations. An adjustable camera on a pan and tilt unit is used for underwater video inspections.


Manipulator: Hydraulic controlled multi-functional manipulators each with five functions.



In case of emergency the two battery pods can be ejected to obtain extra buoyancy.


Each battery pod has a water sensor to detect leaks.


Built in emergency breathing system (BIBS) with masks and life vests.


3 x fire extinguishers (with one in the DLOC).


Battery powered strobe light.



The dry transfer arrangement can also be easily modified for submarine rescue operations.



A crew training programme will be arranged at a suitable location.







Three-man Submersible (Yellow Submarine) for sale.

Pilot Training Course Arranged.


A small lightweight submersible designed for a wide range of one-atmosphere operations. This submarine is the ideal choice for Super-yacht owners, seeking a small easy to operate submersible. The key words in the design have been performance, passenger comfort and affordable. The submarine is easily transported by road, sea and airfreight. Crew: three. Operational Depth: 300ft (100m), with option of upgrade to 1000ft. Weight: 4 tons. Large front viewport, plus four conning tower viewports. External lighting, communications and optional sonar system. This is a small two or three-man submarine that is ideal for leisure activities, and especially suitable for yacht-based operations. Very easy to operate and maintain. 

Three view ports * Four DC thrusters * Semiconductor controllers * 24V dual battery systems * Water hard ballast system * Double soft ballast system * Drop weight system * Dual pressure air systems * Dual oxygen systems * Carbon dioxide level monitor * Oxygen level monitor * Carbon dioxide scrubber * VHF Radio * Ultrasonic underwater telephone * Alarm and insulation monitoring systems * Echo sounder * Mechanical and electronic depth meters * Electronic compass * Trim and heel indicators * Navigation light * External halogen lights * Emergency breathing masks * Fire fighting system * Xenon flasher * Service and transport container with battery charger, HP air compressor * Complete documentation.

Pilot training available by request.

Main Dimensions.

Length overall   : 3.65 m

Width overall     :  2.1 m

Height overall    : 2.5 m

Draft                  : 1.9 m

Hull diameter     : 1.9 m

Dry weight          : 4.75 metric tons 




A small two-man submarine built in Europe to a very high technical standard that offers a relatively spacious interior, and a full range of safety features. Ideal for yacht-based activities, underwater filming, scientific research, and for private buyers.

Operating depth: 200m (600ft). Dry weight: 4 tons. Viewports: 4 x flat acrylic (340mm) forward looking, 4 x conning tower  viewports (120mm), 1 x hatch viewport (90mm). External Lights, Compass, Echo sounder, and communications.




Please contact us to discuss your submarine charter requirements.  We can offer a range of small submersibles and submarines.


All  submarines are sold " as is where is " unless agreed otherwise. These submarines are secondhand, and generally will be dive ready after a routine maintenance programme. Our prices offer the purchaser a substantial saving over the cost of a new build. 

Silvercrest can arrange Submarine Maintenance, and Pilot Training courses for all purchasers.

New build submarines are also available, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Submarine Refit and Certification programmes can also be provided. 


Pilot training can be arranged at your favourite dive site.



Designed and manufactured for military special forces, the SPECIAL FORCES SDV is a hybrid Surface and Underwater Swimmer Delivery Vehicle capable of  35kts on the surface , and 5kts underwater.








The SPECIAL FORCES-SDV is designed and manufactured as an advanced high speed pleasure craft for 4 to  6 SF divers. The main design and construction provides the following modes of operation:

Surface mode at high speed.

Semi-submerged mode at low speed.

Submerged mode at low speed.

Parked on the sea floor.

The power propulsion system is based on a water-cooled Italian MTU 270kW (3650hp) diesel engine with a water jet Rolls-Royse propulsion system for surface and semi-submerged modes.

The underwater system comprises advanced thrusters powered by 12V Lithium Ferro batteries. The LIFe battery system has an integrated BMS (battery monitoring system). An extra battery pod may be added for longer submerged endurance.

An air-compressed system provides the craft with air for the underwater  mode. A hydraulic system provides the craft with hydraulic power for  subsystems like security valves and telescopic operation of sensor mast and snorkel.

The Steering-Information-Navigation-Communication System (SINC) is an advanced aid to the pilot and co-pilot in order to operate the craft in all modes. The control functions of the craft are governed by a digital Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a Canbus system.




The BIBS system provides the divers with an emergency breathing capacity.

The craft is equipped with strong points for launching and recovering by crane and may also be operated by an onboard sledge. 

 Maximum speed on surface 35 knots.

 Speed at full payload- cruising on surface 25 knots.

 semi-submerged 5 knots, and  submerged 5 knots.

 Range- on surface or semi-submerged 150 Nm.

Range submerged 8 Nm.

Range submerged with extra battery pack 15 Nm.

 Operating depth with divers 40 m.

 Payload (maximum incl. fuel) 500 kg.

 Max recommended sea state for operation 3.


 Length 8.0m.

 Beam 2.0m.

 Height to top of cabin 1.3m

Max height to top of activated snorkel and sensor mast 2.3m

Lightweight 2,800 kg

Standard payload  Crew and cargo 500 kg,  Diesel fuel 250 kg.

Crew (maximum) 4-6 divers.

Diesel engine 235kW or 120kW. Propulsion system Water jet or shaft drive.

Diesel fuel capacity 300 litres.

Underwater propulsion system Prop or Water jet.

Battery pack (basic system) LIFe  (12,5kWh).

Compressed Air capacity 1x50 litres + 2x4 litres@ 300 bars.

BIBS 4-6 x 6,7 litres @ 300 bars.

In the SPECIAL FORCES Carrier mode, the SDV is a surface and sub-surface vessel designed to transport divers with equipment (Special Operations or EOD Operations), autonomous operated vehicles (MCM Operations), remotely operated weapon station guided by electro-optical sensors Fire Support) or other required systems. The SPECIAL FORCES SDV operates in a number of different roles.

  • on surface at high speed,30+ knots
  • semi-submerged with a limited signature, diesel or electrical propulsion
  • submerged in a fully flooded state propelled by electrical thrusters powered by a sophisticated battery
  • parked on the sea floor

The SPECIAL FORCES Carrier is the basic underwater vehicle and operates with a pilot and a co-pilot. Three different modules installed on the Carrier provide the different applications required:

  • The SPECIAL FORCES SDV – Swimmer Delivery Vehicle for SOP missions
  • The SPECIAL FORCES AUV – Autonomous Under- water Vehicle for MCM missions.
  • The SPECIAL FORCES RWSV – Remote Weapon Station Vehicle for Fire Support.




A three-week training package for operators and maintainers is provided.







The Leisure--SDV is designed and manufactured as an advanced high speed pleasure craft for 4 to  6 scuba divers. The craft is a lightweight version, slightly shorter and with all basic features in order to comply with advanced requirements within a limited budget.

Originally designed and manufactured for military special forces, the Leisure-SDV is a hybrid Surface and Underwater Swimmer Delivery Vehicle capable of  35kts on the surface , and 5kts underwater. 

The craft is available in a range of colour schemes, and can be offered in a number of different external designs. Making this a very exciting craft for super yacht owners, and tourist resort operators.

The main design and construction provides the following modes of operation:

Surface mode at high speed.

Semi-submerged mode at low speed.

Submerged mode at low speed.

Parked on the sea floor.  





(Spider ADS)

These versatile deep diving suits (or one-man submarines) are an advanced design, one-man ADS (Atmospheric Diving Suit).. The suits are lightweight (600kg), and can be rapidly mobilized to any offshore dive site, to complete a wide range of underwater observation and manipulative tasks. Operating Depth to 1000ft (300m) with no decompression, as these suits are completely dry and at one atmosphere pressure at all times. Crew: one. Weight: 1 ton. Large domed viewport, two articulating arms, external lights, continuous video and communications with the surface. Ideal for underwater observation and inspection tasks. Also an exciting one-man submersible for operations off your super yacht, or for adventure dives at your tourist resort.




Two - man, 1000 ft Depth Submersibles for charter. 



ABS +1 Manned Submersible. Cayman Registry of Shipping.

450 lbs payload.

1000 ft depth.

3 kt Speed.

2 crew.

132 lbs variable ballast.

3080 lbs main ballast.

5kW 24v battery.

12.6kW 120v battery.

2 x 2KW main thrusters.

2x 2KW vertrans thrusters.

10 hours operation.

PLC based touch screen control.

4 forward, 1 rear, 1 down, LED external lights.

Oxygen with CO2 scrubber life support.

10 hours main oxygen at 200 bar.

96 hours reserve oxygen at 200 bar.

2 x 17LT main air at 200 bar.

2 x 17LT reserve air at 200 bar.

3.2m length.

2.5m width.

1.85m height.

3100kg weight.

500mm hatch I.D.

Manipulator Arm.

Support Equipment.

Blueview 2D multibeam sonar with Proviewer.

TrackLink 1500 multiple target Integrated USBL  Acoustic Tracking and Communication Systems.

Quick battery charge system.

OTS acoustic communications.

28 ft. Protector RIB. surface support vessel with hull mounted transducers integrated communications and tracking with towing capabilities.

12 ft. Novurania chase boat for crew transfers, launch and recovery.

ThREE MAN support & maintenance crew.

YP45 compressor and boost pump for air and oxygen.

HP air and oxygen banks.



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